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Launching GitBetter - Level up your game in Git

Hey Devs

Super excited to launch GitBetter newsletter. GitBetter is a newsletter that helps you to level up your game in Git.

I will be covering the tricks and tips of Git that you can start using in your workflow right away. And also will be covering some advanced topics of Git that help you to handle Git in a professional way.

Some of the topics that I have planned for the future are (not in any particular order)

  1. Git branching
  2. Rebasing
  3. Trunk-based vs Branch-based development
  4. Git hooks
  5. Some internals of Git - Objects, Tree, blob
  6. Git stash - how to use it effectively and some useful tricks
  7. Git GUIs you should know
  8. How to have a clearer Git history.
  9. How to write a better and consistent commit message.
  10. Adopting a clearer Git workflow across team members.
  11. Git tags

Apart from these topics, I will also share some tips in handling frequent and hard problems you face in Git.

So if you are interested in Git, don't forget to subscribe :)

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