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Hi, everyone hopes everyone is doing fine. I am a junior react developer, recently I wanted to polish my skills in react so I took a course from egghead.io that is The Beginner's Guide to React by kentcdodds.

In this blog post, I wanted to explain some of the things, that I have learned from the course. I think everyone has to try this course it is completely free. Don't think this course for beginners only everyone can learn a lot from this course.

The Beginner's Guide to React course link

  • Using React Error Boundaries to handle errors in React Components
  • Lifting and colocating React State
  • React Hooks
  • Install and use React DevTools
  • Build and deploy a React Application with Codesandbox, GitHub, and Netlify
  • Handle HTTP Errors with React
  • Use a lazy initializer with useState
  • Manipulate the DOM with React refs
  • Create reusable custom hooks
  • Manage side-effects in a React Component with the useEffect hook

GitHub repo of the course

If you find any topic interesting go and learn it from the course. In my next blog, I will explain a topic with decent code examples.

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