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6 Technologies to look at in 2021

Instead of looking back at a year we'd all rather forget, let's see what lays ahead of us:

(Micro-) Frameworks

Stuck in your stack? It's always dangerous to be married to a particular setup and miss new winds.


This minimal JS solution grew its crowd in 2020 and became a true alternative for smaller projects. It feels like VueJS and the first Angular had a child that focusses on getting the job done. Give it a spin here


TypeScript has been with us for a while now, but with Deno waiting to gain in popularity and more and more frameworks embracing it for userland, it's time to revisit the boilerplates we used for years. This little setup jump-starts your backend development while being approachable like your good ol' express server. visit here


With PHP8 finally out, it's time to prove to the world that working with PHP has become modern, fast (VERY FAST!) and clean. While this framework seems unusual at first, it will soon help you develop in the fastest way imaginable. So it's not only fast in delivering, but fast at developing as well. neoan3

Design & CSS

Another bootstrap page? Aren't we all tiered of it? Let's explore something new.


While Tailwind CSS doesn't come fresh off the shelf, its usage has become easier with recent versions. The utility based approach conquered the industry and truly individual designs resurface. check it out


This SCSS "framework" is more like a framework creator. CSS frameworks like Ornate are based on this builder and if you ever wanted to have a solution that feels more like enabling you to roll your own without starting from scratch than dictating how things look like, this is for you the repo


Delivering components for major front-end frameworks (like React & VueJS), this design system is modern and slick.
While there are many design systems gaining traction, I picked this as it feels most innovative to me personally. visit here

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