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The end of LibSass

As someone who doesn't consider himself as a designer, discussions around different sass compilers never caught my attention as the differences were too minor for my use cases.
However, recently I noticed that more and more packages have problems compiling modern Sass & SCSS.
I finally looked into the topic and was shocked:

Since October of 2020 LibSass is deprecated

This is huge as npm packages like node-sass with roughly 5 Million downloads a week are basically deprecated as well, without the packages themselves being marked as such! While the deprecation warning is stated in the readme, not setting these packages themselves to the deprecation state means that any packages having it as a dependency will not produce any warning when installating or updating your dependencies. And last time I checked, VSCode uses libSass to compile Sass as well as a built in compiler.

What you should do

When starting projects, make sure to use packages based on DartSass. For node, this means using the package sass instead of node-sass. If you use your IDE to compile, make sure to check out if there are plugins/extensions that use dartSass instead of libSass (as usual, if you are using Webstorm you are already fine)

Happy coding!

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