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Maybe you're taking in too much already.

It's perfectly fine to hit pause on the "ingestion process". Your skills and more importantly your value are not going to diminish in worth if you pause on learning what's new and what's cool and what's hip for a while.

Take a deep breath, do some offline activities and enjoy life!


That's a great suggestion. Will spent some time with parents.


Imagine an A star student, someone that never ever got anything other than an A star.

She's amazing right? The current education system sure thinks so.

Now imagine she gets a job and in the job things are done completely different to her school.

Or, I think I also read that math in university is completely different to that of school. So imagine an 18 year old that has gotten A stars all her life. Then she goes to university to study math and the math at uni is foreign to her. This A start student fails for the first time in her life.

The problem with the education system is that this A star student can't solve problems! Yes, yes she can solve things that you and me find difficult, but she can't solve problems that she would find difficult - because she never had to.

If I was graded for taking a spoon of soup from the plate to my mouth, I would get an A star, but if I then was paralysed and had to go through therapy to learn to get something to my mouth, I would start getting Fs. Hence, I would not want to improve, because "there's no point, I will never be able to do it" because I've never had to do anything that didn't come naturally to me.

As a result, apparently, a lot of people hate learning new things!

You may well say that you aren't in the same category with the A star student that you've previously have learned x, y, z. But, unless you suddenly are in medical need, I think you are in the same category. The what ever framework you are trying to learn is just hard for you.

The idea that you have previously learned harder things is not really true. I've learned javascript but I can't sew to safe my life. Clearly, sewing is harder - for me. I can't play the piano. I'm sure there are amazing piano players that wouldn't be able to learn one line of code.

So the frameworks that you are trying to learn are harder for you.

You deal with it by not having expectations of how fast the learning should take. You just learn bit by bit.

(I've read about these ideas, so they aren't fully my own. However, since I've read about this, I have started to love the process of learning and letting it take how ever long it takes. Otherwise, remember, you'll just waist time trying to find what's wrong with you, rather than improving few lines of code at a time.)


That was really motivating. I will remember this story forever.


Ask yourself first what you want to learn and read about it a little. Maybe that's a start?


But you did learn something to be here, what do you know?
Maybe it's about method, MOOC, books, mentor, exercises, etc.. did you tried everything?


Yes, I learned few things in web development. And no I didn't try everything.

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