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Why should i get a Certification in Data Science?

For any aspirant who is curious if he should be getting a certification on data science, we have the answers for you.A lot of students on interactive platforms ask the question “What data science certification would be good enough for me?”

Students who usually lack a formal education background in this field can usually resort to the Data Science Nanodegree certification if they want to build a career in the same ahead or are interested in the related fields.

But before we start discussing the same further, let us make sure you know the fact that you don’t need data science certification in order to get a job in the field. It just enhances your skills and walks you through the different things which comprise the field of data science.When talked about getting a certification, they certainly are a great way to boost your skills and are a helping hand in finding a job as long as they are presented in the right way.

This very field is a broad discipline with a few accredited degree programs. Universities globally offer around 50 data science programs which cost somewhere up to $270,000 and might take a few years of your life.And even though the same might seem intimidating, it usually includes most of the skills which professionals could learn through different experiences in their lifetime, like :-

1) Programming
2) Data Visualization
3) Statistical modeling
4) Machine Learning and modeling

Data Scientists need exposure and proper decision-making in order to lead their field. Attaining a few records might not seem that worthwhile, but it certainly helps if you want to gather everything you can for improvising in this field. But again, you need to acquire different skills and knowledge in order to prospect employers.

The field of Data Science is growing at a rapid pace. As per Forbes, the demand for data scientists is likely to grow by 25% by the year 2020.If you are a beginner in this field, you need to make sure that your resume is as presentable and appealing as possible because that’s what you are going to need. Along with that, you need to gain valuable experience in order to stand out from the rest.

For this purpose, certifications are the best and quickest ways to learn and own the skills which are required for getting data science jobs.Certifications also allow the students to acquire such skills which you might not be able to find in the jobs which you are doing. It is a great deal if you want to stand out from the rest and have such a profile which is going to please every employer.

So if you are motivated enough to start a certification course on data science, we recommend you start your journey from Verzeo . The best part about Verzeo is that you would be getting acquainted with all the deep concepts of data science and other fields in such a way which would be helpful for your career.

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