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How I knew I am a back-end guy...

Hello, this is my very first ever dev post. As the title says, i'm learning about myself as a junior dev. I know i am so bad at writing, and if you feel bored you can go to the next post, no hard feelings.
So i recently applied for my first job as a developer. I was and still am very anxious about dev work, and i feel like having a job where they throw at you projects and assignments is a good way to learn in general. So before they employ me they gave me a small project to do. It was a school platform. I had never any serious project even though i can say i have been active for a few months.
The point is, I learned a lot from it. Most importantly i learned that i am way better at back-end than front-end. I was frustrated with choosing colors, typography and all that graphic stuff. It was so frastrating. And yet on the back-end i was busting, well not everything but i was happy about the little i did. Currently i use php on the server but hope to learn python and try that out too.
This has taught me a lot. Now i know i gotta focus on my back-end more than my front-end. Am not quiting the front-end because i think being a full stack is really cool.
Being a self taught beginner is the most intimidating thing i have faced in my life. I have a lot of ups and downs but moved through it and thank God i never thought about quiting and i love that about myself.
Thanks for reading my first site, i know it has been heck long.

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Krzysztof Buczynski • Edited

You know if you a back-end when you start getting nightmares about JS and CSS ;)