I did it, I'm a Software Engineer

steelvoltage profile image Brian Barbour ・1 min read

After months of grueling study and hard work, I've made it guys. Today I signed my offer letter for a new job with Community Brands as a Software Engineer.

I can't even explain how happy I am right now. This is my dream come true.

There were times where I had doubted my ability, thought about giving up.

I never did. I kept pushing through.

Now I have a wonderful future ahead of me and I am so excited to get out there and build some amazing software.


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Congratulations! your post made me smile. maybe one day i'll write a similar post, but for now, i'm just a beginner who's struggling with programming. :)


By studying programming, you study your own mind. Keep it up!


Congratulations, hope you will enjoy the experience :) PS: Don't forget to update your work_status on DEV ;)


Ah almost forgot!

There... that looks better. I'm feeling proud to sport that Software Engineer job title. :)


Congrats, I am also start my work with PCs as Hardware engineer, it was my great fault because I understand from little years ,that Software Building more than important from Hardware maintenance, Good Luck my friend


Congrats and keep up the good work!!! May the force be with you.


Well done! I am currently desiring a career change too after years of studying. What were you doing before being a software engineer?


Ben! I feel writing and reading on Dev has made me a better programmer everyday. This is place is probably my favorite outlet to share and learn about software development. Instrumental in me getting as far as I have.

So, thanks!


Well done. Get used to the self doubting of ability. That imposter syndrome sticks with you in this career


Congratulations! I've just graduated a month ago too.


Congratulations! I am looking forward to writing such!


Hey! Congratulations! We all happy for you 😇


Congratulations! The long road has just presented itself to you, have a nice trip :)


Congratulations Brian, this is excellent news!


Beautiful. Congratulations. That's inspiring!


Congratulations!!. Hard work always pays off. Welcome to the fraternity.


That's wassup bro. Congrats. How long were you studying for?


That's fantastic news Brian! Cheers to you!