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Stefan Drl
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First steps in Dev world

Hello everybody πŸ‘‹ !

This is my first post and I would like to share some tips & tricks from my newbie experience and maybe help other beginners.

One year ago I have decided to change my career and start learning programming.

So here are some tips & tricks:

  • Find your path

  • You do not need technical background, you do not need to know math (some basics are still recommended:))

  • Do not try to learn everything ❗ (there are a lot of programming languages and tools)

  • Start from the basics and then add more and more (don't jump into OOP or some fancy frameworks)

  • Be consistent (try to code and learn something new everyday)

    • You can practice on codewars or get more advices here
    • Start your dream project
    • Look for some applications ideas here on dev
  • Don't give up and be optimistic

Thank you!πŸ™

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