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15 app ideas for beginners

octocodeio profile image Wojciech Dasiukiewicz ・2 min read

Hello crew!

Every day I work with newbies who want to be code ninjas :) I always repeat that the best way to learn how to code is to start code. Simple as that. You can watch millions of hours of tutorials but when you start code always you must beat problems. Reality is not the same that tutorial :)

"The best" type of programmers which you can see ex. on Instagram are people who "still learn" but they only learn. They don't start any project, they don't finish and release any project end-to-end. IMHO even the smallest project but done is worth more than the best tutorial. So today I want to give you some inspiration. Here you have my 20 ideas of simple apps which newbie can do.

1. Music player

You can use no copyright music like here:

2. URL Shortner

The user gives you a long URL and you can provide a shorter version. Like

3. Scientific calculator

It's a nice idea to show that you can do the Math.

4. PC Automation

For example, it can be a script that moves imported images to your google drive folder for automatic synchronization.

5. Web crawler

Just choose any website and try to write a script that automatically gets some data from it.

6. Speed typing test

It can be awesome even for you. Coders should type fast and correctly.

7. Random password generator

You can give users a choice of how strong it should be.

8. Instagram bot

Like for like, comment for comment. I don't like stuff like that. But it's just for fun and practice.

9. Twitter bot

Automatically likes for everyone? Sound's great!

10. Image downloader

You can use a web crawler and try to download every image from websites. Feel like Mark Zuckerburg!

11. Alarm clock

Great idea for sleepy heads.

12. Linkedin bot

You can automate making business connections.

13. Hobby website

Just make a website about what you love. It's the best project to practice RWD.

14. Classic snake game

To highlight your version you may make special effects or animations.

15. Quiz app

This is one of my current projects! Quizzes will be live forever :D

Question to you!

Do you need some inspiration? Maybe you just want to talk about programming with other people? And finally, maybe you want to help other people learn more about programming?

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marcellahaller profile image

And here's another idea - GPS Car Parking. Here in the article various ideas are also described that are suitable for beginners, and in general will be popular in 2021, check out the ideas if you are interested)

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Alexandre Negrel

Another great idea would be a Weather PWA, thanks for the inspiration