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Grid in a grid for layout that is just arriving.

Rachel Grid Andrew does a really good job of laying out the grid in fine detail (it's rare to get it all so well done imo).


I think with mobile UI, better performance etc we will see a lot more overlaying/moving/replacement/app type experiences which grids (inc. subgrids) is really good for. We had tables (stupid), then floats (hack) & finally, grids is the first actual decent layout option. It has almost no overhead either & allows for much greater flexibility (less site overhauls, more evolutionary design).



gridbyexample.com/examples/ - RA. Again (it's her CMS grabaperch.com too)
grid.layoutit.com - A nice easy grid to play with (not subgrid yet I think but good for concepts).

I generally just put grids inside grids rn. I also like divs in divs. Np.

Yeah, I have tried those examples out. We're also using grid at work. It was more the subgrid thing, I was thinking about 😃

I figured, I can see you know CSS.

The subgrid part will probably feel natural pretty quick, I really like the current grid stuff, it's nicely done.

I was kind of replying while informing any potential readers (breaking the fourth wall) & threadbumping (let's get the discussion active). I assume that's part of why you ask rather than just read (to teach/discuss etc). 😃

Do you like the Devto CSS/styling?