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Stephen Afam-Osemene
Stephen Afam-Osemene

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Easy and powerful reverse proxy and load balancing with Docker

I build a lot of websites, and I run them in Docker containers. What happens is, I end up with URLs like this

This is a problem because,

  1. They are difficult to remember
  2. Do not allow sub-domains.
  3. Bad for password managers

My initial solution was to add a reverse proxy with Nginx so I have virtual hosts that point to my containers. However, this means I was writing the same Nginx configuration, over and over again, only with different ports.

So as any sane developer will do, I took a couple hours to automate the process once and for all.

let's do this

The solution

I ended up creating a docker image to generate my configuration files and be a proper reverse proxy.
You can find it here


  1. Sets up reverse proxies with just a few lines of configuration
  2. Can automatically obtain SSL certificates from let's encrypt
  3. Can be used to set up load balancing between several servers
  4. Allows fine tuning of the load balancing configuration.

I'll add more features as I discover more use cases. Let me know if there is anything

Proper details on how to use are in the of the repository.
If you like it, star on GitHub.

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Ben Hemphill • Edited

I would agree with the other's suggestion that you should look into Traefik. I personally favor Kubernetes as the backend for that, but Swarm is likely already installed if you are on a recent version of docker and is supported too. That all being said, I enjoyed your approach and write up. I bet you learned a good amount from this project, and that is never a bad thing!

glego profile image
Glenn Goffin

Good job Stephen, well documented and very clean written scripts. Thanks for sharing.

psyhomb profile image
Miloš Bunčić

Yeah Traefik is definitely a good choice for these kind of things, I used it myself in a similar fashion in one of my projects

Anyway good work!

denis_lt profile image

Why didn't you use Traefik?

stephenafamo profile image
Stephen Afam-Osemene

Just hearing about it. I'll check it out.