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Steph - really loved the article! I also dug into your website and got very inspired, so you have at least one new subscriber to your newsletter!

I was going back over the article and thinking about it and I'm curious - do you mean repeatably good or repeatedly? I can make the argument for both, but I will admit, I first interpreted it as repeatedly only to realize later you wrote repeatably.



Thank you, Stephen! It's so nice to hear that you found my other articles helpful too.

I've had this question asked a few times now and is something I'm not even 100% sure about (both pre- and post- publishing). I think it could be either, but I went with repeatably instead of repeatedly because repeatedly speaks more to something having been done, while I think repeatably refers more to the concept of doing things that can be repeated in the future. It's not only the act of doing something over and over, but developing the right processes which can be repeated (ie: focusing on things that are repeatable).

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