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Replacing MouseEvents with PointerEvents

How can the necessity of handling different types of inputs (e.g., mouse, touch, and pen) by duplicating event handler logic? The Pointer Event makes a compelling case that it’s a solid solution.

pointerFigure1A pointer is a hardware agnostic representation of input devices that can target a specific coordinate (or set of coordinates) on a screen. 1

Pointer Events provide all the usual properties present in Mouse Events (client coordinates, target element, button states, etc.) in addition to new properties for other forms of input: pressure, contact geometry, tilt, etc. 2

While Pointer Events are not yet supported by all browsers, there is wide adoption among major modern browsers (Safari being the major exception, though support is coming in v13).3

can i use pointer events

This is a boon as pointer events will make the act of dealing with different input events much simpler.


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