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Screenshots are not needed. Reduce down what you want to say to a simple headline and short statement about the project. Only include the React logo and a description of what you do with React i.e. I lead a team of engineers that work on React app company uses to market thier products. Minimal is key. Nobody has time to read about the full breath and scope of your work. Keep ideas byte sized.

It helps if your website is somewhat unique or stands out in some way. @bendhalpern has an awesome example that definitely also highlights his personality. That is even better.

In other words don’t copy this but make your site unique, to the point, and easily updatable so you can focus on all those other projects.


Just went to your site and it wasn't working for me (Firefox 65). Checked the console and had this error:

ReferenceError: res is not defined main.js:35:7

    <anonymous> one load each load error errorTimeout 

Looking at the resources you loaded though, it does sound like it would be an interesting site πŸ˜‰


Huh... I just visited the site in Firefox 65 and it works!

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