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When Now is not the time (in Go)


When testing two time.Time variables for equality in Go, you may find that there are (ahem) times when you get surprising results if you don't use time.Equal():

package main

import (

func main() {

    now := time.Now()
    nowUTC := now.UTC()

    fmt.Println("now:   ", now.Location(), now.Format("15:04"))
    fmt.Println("nowUTC:", nowUTC.Location(), " ", nowUTC.Format("15:04"))

    fmt.Printf("now == nowUTC:     %t\n", now == nowUTC)

    fmt.Printf("now.Equal(nowUTC): %t\n", now.Equal(nowUTC))


// Output:
// now:    Local 23:00
// nowUTC: UTC   23:00
// -----
// now == nowUTC:     false
// now.Equal(nowUTC): true

Run it in the Go Playground!

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