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Naming Nested For Loops in Rust

I've been aware of the ability to name for loops in rust for a while, but a recent project made me consider how that can make code more readable. It almost can take the place of a separate comment. My project took a string of variable length and looked for sets of keywords, trying to return the most relevant match. Some keywords and positions would carry more weight in determining relevancy.

'clauses: for clause in text.split(";") {
    'phrases: for phrase in clause.split(",") {
        'words: for word in phrase.split_whitespace() {
            'mainkeywords: for mainkey in MAIN_KEYS.iter() {
                match word.find(mainkey) {
                    Some(_) => { dostuff(word);
                                 break 'phrases 
                    _ => 'secondarykeys: for key in SECONDARY_KEYS.iter() {
                             match key.find(word) {
                                                   Some(_) => do_other_stuff(word);
                                                   break 'words 
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Naming the loops can have the same effect as comments while providing some useful function. I hadn't seen naming loops as a code organization/readability tool mentioned before and though I'd share. If anyone has comments on this approach in general or the code above specifically I'd love to hear them.

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Martin Becker

I didn't know you could do that, that is awesome!