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Azure Devops 2019.1 Build Agent running on a pod in my Kubernetes cluster

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As a "toy" I decided to try and revive an old version of Microsoft's Azure Pipelines Agent on an image from before they made that Azure Services Only. However, I updated the agent on the ubuntu-16.04-tfs-2018-u2 image to a later version of the linux agent. (2.140.2)

I had to also update the Team Explorer Everywhere (TEE/TEE-cli) that was embedded in that to the latest version. And upgrade java to version 11. But once that was done, it works well. Its a tad on the large size for an image. (1gb), but it seems ok on its memory and CPU usage. See the kubebox graph at the bottom.

Alt Text

Alt Text

Does anyone think this could be more than just a toy ? I'm a novice at most Kubernetes stuff compared to the folks here, but I wanted to share this.

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