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Stefan Breitenstein
Stefan Breitenstein

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Hey DEVs, do you play around with chrome dev tools and inject js on third party sites?

For example I a have gist snippet, which I regularly use to get the current story from our JIRA.

I also have a gist for reporting stuff on for our CI/CD.
Our CI/CD reports are only HTML-Table, and with the script i can collect more advanced reporting stuff.

Do you also inject your custom code into third party websites?

And if so, which functionality do you provide with it.

Are Chrome Dev Tools sufficient, or do you whish you more tooling support?

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Gustavo Kawamoto

A lot! I'm not very fond of doing boring stuff, so I try to automate every tedious task I need to perform with my own javascript snippets :)

Sometimes it takes more time to write the snippets than it would to simply do the task, but it also makes the boredness go away