Learning about sapui5 ? First post ! Morning guys!

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Nice meeting you guys ! I already have two days here, and its incredible awasome, now coming back to the title, So far on my three years of experience mostly JS, and C# for Programming only (obviously if i add JS that means i have worked with Web development).

Well so far the road has been incredible, and now i am working with SAPUI5, the issue here, is that i noticed there's two ways to build apps or proyects with it.

The XML way, and the JS way, again come to issue. The whole documentation is written or dedicated to the XML way to build, is there any other place you guys might now about where i could learn the JS way to build it? I am already praciting and learning a lot, but it would be nice to follow on point what i am doing.

if(true){Say('I love you' + ';)');

Cheers !

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