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Meteor 2.0 & other awesome announcements!

Meteor Impact 2020 was last week and it contained many announcements and statements about the future of Meteor. Most notable was the announcement of the next major release of Meteor.

Meteor 2.0

Meteor 2.0 is expected to be released before the end of the year. Despite it being a major release there shouldn't be any breaking changes unless you are wired into the build system, so nothing for regular app or package.

So what is all the buzz about?

Hot Module Reload

Meteor 2.0 will come with Hot Module Reload. You will just add one (or two if you need an integration) new package to your Meteor application and you will be ready to go.

meteor add hot-module-replacement
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You can already test this feature if you update to the Meteor 2.0 beta release track. More about it on the Meteor forums.

Node 14

Meteor 2.0 will be based on Node 14, there remains only one Windows OS related bug to be solved on the testing system before it is merged into the Meteor 2.0 release track. Beside the usual improvements to performance this will also enable full internationalization support by default, removing the need to have packages like full-icu in your app.

Typescript 4

Typescript 4 will be available in Meteor 2.0 together with adding the currently lacking freedom in configuration (decorators & metadata reflection).

Tree shaking

Meteor 2.0 plans to ship with tree-shaking feature.

Cordova update

Cordova will get an update for Meteor 2.0, specifically to Cordova 10.

Removal of super old internal code

Taking into consideration major version upgrade it is an opportunity to remove some long unused and deprecated code. Specifically that which dates to before the Meteor 1.0 days. This though still remains in discussion and will depend on the PRs submitted.

Galaxy announcements

Free tier & MongoDB

For Galaxy there will be two new additions. Specifically there is the return of the free tier and option to have MongoDB database included in the app deploy.

Push to deploy

Work is underway to add push to deploy for GitHub to make it easy to deploy Meteor applications directly from the code repository without the need for CI.


In a discussion with the community, Filipe Névola confirmed Meteor Software's commitment to supporting the original Meteor front-end and supporting its development.
While it might no longer be the main focus on the front-end, developers using Blaze can relax in knowledge that it will not be abandoned.

Meteor Cloud

Meteor Cloud will be a new brand that is to unify all the differently named current and future services that you use with Meteor. Specifically:

  • Meteor Developer Accounts
  • Atmosphere
  • APM
  • Galaxy Hosting
  • Push to Deploy So we can expect new, unified, design and probably new features for these services over time.

Meteor 3.0?

Looking towards future there is an interest from Meteor Software to release Meteor 3.0 in the foreseeable future. This release is to focus on lowering barriers to entry for new comers to Meteor. The details on how that will looks still remains to be determined after Meteor 2.0 release.

It was also highlighted that Meteor Software is now focusing on what is called "The Infinite Game" or some might called it becoming cockroach company. This is a major shift from the direction that Meteor Development Group used to have and underlines the commitment to development of the framework and all the supporting infrastructure.

You can watch the main talk by Filipe Névola bellow:

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