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Meteor 2.2.3 & 2.3.5 released!

Meteor v2.2.3 & Meteor v2.3.5 have been released. These are security and bug fixing releases.

First of all we have update to latest Node per the Node.js August security release. This means Node v12.22.5 for Meteor v2.2.3 and Node v14.17.5 for Meteor v2.3.5.

Both releases also bring Typescript v4.3.5 and @meteorjs/babel@7.12.0 which brings with it the latest Babel which was brought in to solve a BABEL_PARSER_SYNTAX_ERROR which occurred on d3-array.

Meteor v2.3.5 also has an additional bug fix for source maps that were broken in VS Code.

As of now, Meteor v2.3.5 is not recommended release which is a standard practice to wait a few days after release for early adopters to try it to see if anything was missed. If you are such an early adopter you can update to this release by the following command:

meteor update --release 2.3.5
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Or you can change it to 2.2.3 if you are still on the 2.2.x stage of Meteor.

Next major release for Meteor is v2.4 which will bring some major improvements and new features. Stay tuned for more!

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Ryan Latta

I wish Meteor was more loved. Back in 2012? I first picked it up and was convinced its the future of web development.

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Jan Dvorak

Same here. For me it never lost its magic and if you look on some of my other articles you will see that many of the things that are popular in the JS ecosystem originated in Meteor or people surrounding it. Why it didn't achieved the prominence it deserves I think only matters as so far as moving forward and making it once again popular.

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