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Why am I taking OSD600?

My name is Jennifer and I live in North York. I am a Student at Seneca College in my 6th semester in Computer programming and Analysis. Because of COVID19 we are all doing our studies from home. Adapting to working from home on the computer can sometimes be challenging as I am surrounded by teenagers.

I am taking this course because my goal is in software development. I believe this course will help me get more experience in the field of development and help me become a better programmer.

Open source is interesting to me because it is community of people that help others solve coding problems together. It is also a creative outlet that helps all participants make better programs.

My hope is that I can increase my skills as a programmer and learn to use more online tools. I would like to work on ASP.NET, C++, C#, python, linux and if it is possible Scripting for generating objects with code in 3D modeling.

The trending github repo I found that was interesting was It is a game engine built in Rust that is data-driven and easy to use. What I have discovered in my research of this Bevy Engine is that is it allows you to write code to create 2D and 3D objects with short rendering time. It is designed to be easy to use by beginners. It also cross platforms on Windows, MacOS and linux. The Bevy Game Engine is still new in it's development phase and so it is not yet reliable for creators. I picked this trending repo because I think that the beginning of a new game engine that beginners can use is exciting. A new person interested in learning to code models is a good way to introduce them to design and modeling.

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