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Alex Weininger for Streamlux

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Appwrite VS Code extension

In my very first post to I'll be talking about the Appwrite for VS Code extension, what you can use it for, and some features I hope to include in the future.


The team at Streamlux chose to utilize Appwrite for many good reasons. One of my favorite reasons was that with Appwrite being relatively new, we'd have a great opportunity to contribute to the open source Appwrite community.

To quickly summarize what Appwrite is, from their website:

Appwrite is an open-source, self-hosted Backend-as-a-Service that aims to make app development easier with SDKs available in a variety of programming languages.

Now, after a few weeks after using Appwrite, our first contribution to the Appwrite community is the Appwrite extension for Visual Studio Code.

View Appwrite for VS Code on GitHub
View on the Visual Studio Marketplace

Current features

Here are the features we've built so far!

Multi-project support

If you happen to be working with more than one Appwrite project, then the extension has you covered! Easily switch between as many projects as you'd like.

Multi project gif

VS Code theme: Cobalt2


The comprehensive and robust database features that Appwrite
provides were one of the things that ultimately led to the team and I choosing it to power Streamlux.

With the extension, you can manage databases, collections, and documents.

Delete document image

You can also add, edit, and remove rules and permissions right from VS Code.

Database permissions image


Another feature that makes using Appwrite so simple are the features surrounding users. From authentication, to managing user sessions and preferences, Appwrite makes it a breeze.

And we strive to match this experience in the extension. Easily view project users, as well as create new ones.

Users image


And last but not least, you can monitor the health and status of all the services that make up your Appwrite project to make sure everything is running properly.

Health image

Future features

One of the recently added features to Appwrite that also might be the best feature is Appwrite Functions.

We think we can provide a great experience for creating and debugging Appwrite Functions in VS Code. And so the next large feature we want to add is functions support.

If you've made it this far through my first post, thank you for reading!

View Appwrite for VS Code on GitHub
View on the Visual Studio Marketplace

Also, I must mention it because the Appwrite team members provide absolute top tier support in their amazing Discord. If you're interested in Appwrite or already use Appwrite I highly recommend joining :)

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Eldad A. Fux

Awesome work Alex!

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Christy Jacob

Absolutely love the extension! Don't have to leave VS Code now! Great Job 🔥

aadarshadhakalg profile image
Aadarsha Dhakal