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Introducing the Stripe integration builder + new code samples and dev videos

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June Developer Digest

We’re always working to improve the integration experience for Stripe. This month, we launched an integration builder, a new interactive way to get started with the Stripe API. Stripe Billing has significant improvements, including a new Prices API that improves how you model pricing and billing cycles. We also released docs, videos, and resources to help you integrate Stripe with specific platforms and stacks.

Learn more about these updates and more below:

Integration builder

Introducing the payments integration builder
Explore our interactive code sample for accepting payments with Stripe, which helps you get started quickly and shows how Payment Intents work. It includes step-by-step instructions and for all our supported language libraries and has best practices baked in.

New developer features and updates

You can check out more updates, including several new features for the Stripe Dashboard on our blog. You can also see the details of the most recent API version (2020-03-02) in our API changelog.

Online workshops & office hours

Learn how to build a web app for team members to easily refund customers with Stripe in Ruby.

Learn how to respond to payment disputes programmatically.

Join a live code walkthrough and Q&A that’ll cover using Stripe with Next.js on June 10th on YouTube.

Watch a walkthrough of building an online wine store with Stripe Checkout.

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As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about the digest or Stripe in general. If you have questions or need help with code, we’re here to help via email, IRC (#stripe on freenode), Twitter, or the stripe-payments tag on Stack Overflow.

– Your friends at Stripe

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Jamie Barton

Great updates! The Prices API looks very interesting... Will be exploring that soon for sure!