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May Stripe Developer Digest: Introducing Stripe Apps

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Now available: Stripe Apps (beta)

Stripe Apps allow you to use the Stripe API and build custom user experiences directly into the Stripe Dashboard. Create an app to streamline operations for your business or list your app on the new Stripe App Marketplace, where any of the millions of businesses using Stripe can discover it.

Learn more about Stripe Apps in the Sessions keynote and developer breakout talk. When you’re ready to build, read the docs to get started.

In addition, join us on June 2 at 9 AM PT for a Stripe Apps Developer Livestream, where you’ll hear from Stripe engineers and community guests and get your questions answered live.

Introducing Markdoc

Introducing Markdoc

We’re open sourcing Markdoc, the Markdown-based authoring framework that powers the Stripe documentation website.

Whether used for a simple static site, authoring tooling, or fully featured documentation, Markdoc is designed to grow with you, so you can create engaging experiences no matter how large or complex your documentation becomes.

Read our getting started article or visit to get started.

Stay updated

Stripe Tax via the Orders API: You can now take advantage of automatic tax calculation and collection with Stripe Tax in custom payment flows. To utilize this feature, migrate your existing Payment Intent integration to the new Orders API (beta). You can sign up at by clicking the "Join the beta” button.

Stripe Shell: The Stripe CLI is an essential tool for building and testing your integration and is now built into our documentation. With the shell you can learn, build, and experiment with the Stripe API directly in your browser. Take a tour to learn about a few of the features available to accelerate your workflow.

Payment Link updates:

  1. URL params: The URL parameters client_reference_id and customer_email allow you to add context to a payment page, including simplified reconciliation, for a streamlined checkout experience.

  2. Advanced features: Payment Links now includes features such as saving payment methods for future use, collecting tax IDs, and more advanced parameters.

[New] Stripe data pipeline: Send all your up-to-date Stripe data and reports to Snowflake or Amazon Redshift in a few clicks. This data pipeline is built into the Stripe dashboard so you can set it up with no code and offload ongoing maintenance. Read our Stripe data guide to get started.

Checkout custom domains: Using a custom domain with Checkout allows you to create an even more seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Mobile SDK Updates

  • Stripe Android SDK version 20.2.0: Android version 20.2.0 now includes card scanning as part of the Payment Sheet.

  • Stripe iOS SDK version 22.3.0: iOS SDK version 22.3.0 includes the new us_bank_account payment method on the Payment Sheet.


Accept payments with .NET and Stripe Checkout: Our integration builders allow you to download full examples to get started quickly. Learn how to use the Checkout example in .NET with Cecil in this episode on YouTube.

Issue cards: Learn how to create your own virtual or physical cards. In this episode, you’ll see how to create cardholders and issue cards with Stripe Issuing. In addition, learn how to approve or decline transactions in real time with a webhook.

Accept payments with US bank accounts using ACH: Learn how to use the new PaymentMethod integration for accepting ACH payments on the PaymentIntents API from the quick overview and follow-up livestream.

Remix stacks with SaaS: In this livestream, developer advocate CJ Avilla used Remix stacks to build a subscription SaaS application using Stripe Checkout and the customer portal.

NFC and no-code payments: Watch our recent livestream as developer advocates Matthew Ling and Mike Bifulco learn how to attach Payment Links to NFC tags.

Navigate the docs with Stripe Shell: Open the Stripe Shell from any page on by typing ctrl + ~ then type ls to navigate the docs.


Thank you to our top open-source contributors this month: hibariya, erictaylor, kndarp, petergoldstein, tony, haor1, mdb, Morriar, iownthegame, tylerrowsell, vinistock, and nomadmtb.

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