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🎥 New developer foundations videos for our client libraries

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April Developer Digest

Get started quickly with new foundations videos for our client libraries

New foundations videos for our client libraries

Our new video series covers the fundamentals of topics like authentication, making requests, metadata, pagination, webhook helpers, and more so you can get started quickly with any of our official client libraries.

Check out the playlist for your preferred language:

You can also watch more developers office hours videos where we cover everything from integrating the Billing customer portal to what you need to know to build an SCA-ready subscription system.

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Other product updates

  • Stripe.js: Stripe.js can now be used in secure non-browser frameworks such as Electron so you have more options for building cross-platform desktop apps.
  • Connect updates: Instant payouts are now available in the UK for connected accounts of Standard platforms.
  • Invoice updates: Invoices have been redesigned to match your branding and are attached by default to statement, receipt, and credit note emails.

Global updates

  • Businesses in Australia and Hong Kong can now accept payments from more customers around the world with support for China UnionPay.
  • Stripe users in Canada and the United States can accept pre-authorized debit payments (PADs) from customers with a Canadian bank account using the Automated Clearing Settlement System (ACSS).
  • Stripe is now available in the United Arab Emirates—please request an invite.

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Yaroslav Shmarov

Hey Stripe! Is it a conscious decision not to mention the below video series?