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Stripe Checkout updates + new API version

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September Dev Digest

We built Checkout so you don’t have to


Checkout is a prebuilt, hosted payment page optimized for conversion. Whether you accept one-time payments or subscriptions, you can use Checkout to securely accept payments in minutes. We've added support for:

Try our new demo to explore Checkout’s most popular features, and watch the latest developer office hours to walk through a live integration and overview of best practices.

API version 2020-08-27 is generally available

We’ve made several updates focusing on attribute cleanup and added functionality in the latest version of the Stripe API. Highlights include:

  • Billing: tax_percent has been replaced with the new tax rates API so you can better represent tax rates on invoices and in reporting. View the migration guide.
  • Accounts/Persons/Capabilities API: We’ve added additional error codes to clarify the process for Connect platforms with Custom accounts using webhooks and the API to handle verification.
  • Subscription schedules: phases.plans has been renamed to phases.items. This applies for the subscription schedule object as well as create and update requests.
  • Expand functionality: Use object expansion to view sources and tax_ids on Customer objects in addition to tiers on a plan object.

Read the complete changelog, and upgrade to the latest version from the Stripe Dashboard.

Stay updated with new features

  • Issuing: We’ve added support for disputes in the API and amount_details, which gives you a detailed breakdown of amount components to help with tasks like determining the fee amount charged for an ATM withdrawal.
  • .NET SDK: We’ve updated our official .NET library to include updates from the latest API versions.
  • Billing: We introduced proration_behavior, which lets you specify how to handle proration when a subscription is modified. Read the guide and API reference.

Learn with videos, demos, and guides


Increment Magazine Issue 14: APIs

Increment Magazine

This issue explores all things APIs—their prehistory to their future, their design and development, and their opportunities and impact. Featured articles include:

  • On web API versioning by JJ Geewax: A practical approach to understanding backward compatibility, versioning strategy, and how to strike a functional balance.
  • The supply chain of software by Jeff Lawson: As the software industry has grown and matured, so too has the transformative power of the API economy.
  • On the shoulders of APIs by Anne-Laure Le Cunff: By fostering engagement and turning participants into co-creators, APIs can play a giant-sized role in scaling digital communities.
  • How should we build the APIs of tomorrow by Tomer Elmalem: A meditation on embracing physics, improving developer experience, and evolving the status quo.

Read the full issue.

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