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Stripe extension for VS Code

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July Developer Digest

Introducing the Stripe extension for VS Code

Stripe for Visual Studio Code

With our VS Code extension, you can stream logs and webhook events from the Stripe API to your local development machine, quickly access the API reference by hovering over resource methods, easily get started with one of Stripe’s sample apps, and much more.
Learn more in our video:

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Stay updated

  • New payment methods on Checkout: With Stripe Checkout you can now take advantage of three new payment method types. Checkout supports two new voucher-based payment methods: OXXO for your customers in Mexico and Boleto for your customers in Brazil. You can now also use WeChat Pay to accept payments from your customers in China.

  • Checkout server-side redirect: Checkout now allows you to redirect your customers to the Stripe-hosted Checkout page from your server. This can significantly simplify your integration as it removes the requirement for Javascript redirection code to send your users to Checkout.

  • New Discord community: Get in touch with Stripe engineers, other payments developers, and community experts on our new Discord server to chat about your integration experiences and questions. You can learn more about the community in this blog post and a protip is to use stripe community in the Stripe CLI to visit the Discord server.

  • Terminal mobile SDK 2.0.0: Our new mobile SDKs for iOS and Android help you support the newest Terminal readers, process global payments, and enable enhanced connectivity and update behavior. For example, if updates are required and available, bluetooth readers now install updates upon connection to the point of sale. Read more on how to use the new SDKs or upgrade your existing integration.

  • WeChat Pay support for Payment Intents: We’ve added WeChat Pay support for the PaymentIntent and PaymentMethod APIs. You can also accept WeChat Pay payments using the iOS and Android mobile SDKs.

  • New Stripe sample for accepting a payment: With this new Stripe sample, you can learn how to accept a one-time payment with every payment method available on PaymentIntent and PaymentMethod APIs, with both Elements and Checkout integrations in one project.

  • Google Firebase and Stripe Tax: You can now add automatic tax calculation with the Firebase extension for Stripe subscriptions by adding just two parameters.

  • Integration builder & Next.js: The integration builder now includes examples using Checkout and Next.js. It’s also updated to include the server-side redirect to Checkout.

Mobile SDK updates:

  • Stripe iOS SDK version 21.7.0: This new iOS SDK release adds support for WeChat Pay to PaymentMethods, 3DS2 support for Cartes Bancaires, and more. Read more in the release notes.

  • Stripe Android SDK version 16.10.2: This new Android SDK version adds PaymentSheet support for Jetpack Compose. Read more in the release notes.


Global payments series

Global payment video series: Watch our series of videos that walk through how to get started accepting payments on Stripe using local payment methods. We’ll add more payment method guides in the coming weeks—subscribe for new videos.

  • The first step for accepting a one-time payment is to create a PaymentIntent on the server. Watch one of our seven server language guides to learn how:

Create a PaymentIntent with Ruby

Create a PaymentIntent with Python

Create a PaymentIntent with PHP

Create a PaymentIntent with Node

Create a PaymentIntent with Java

Create a PaymentIntent with Go

Create a PaymentIntent in .NET

  • We’ve added videos on how to confirm a payment for payments made with giropay, Boleto, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, AU Becs debit, and FPX:

Confirm a PaymentIntent with Giropay

Confirm a PaymentIntent with Boleto

Confirm a PaymentIntent with WeChat Pay

Confirm a PaymentIntent with Apple Pay

Confirm a PaymentIntent with AU Becs debit

Confirm a PaymentIntent with FPX


  • How to collect payments with Stripe and Next.js. [video from AlterClass]

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– Your friends at Stripe

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