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Introducing the StripeDev Discord community server

Today we’re sharing a new way for developers to get in touch with Stripe engineers and fellow payment developers through our Discord community server:

Currently, we have several communication channels: You can tweet at us, ask a question on Stack Overflow, comment on our YouTube videos, or reach out via our support channels. In addition to these channels, there’s a strong need for a social community platform where developers can engage directly with us and each other to share best practices, tips and solutions.

Why Discord?


Providing real-time answers and searchable chat history are the top needs for our developer community. To address these asks, we set out to find a home for our developer community that checked all the boxes users requested:

🔎 Searchable chat history

When asking a question to a community, best practice is to check if someone has already asked the same question before. Discord’s long retention policy makes it easy for anyone to search back through months of chat to find what they’re after.

🌏 Familiar community platform

Discord is no stranger to open source communities. While it started as a place for video gamers to convene, the platform has been quick to adopt many code and development communities. Check out @ryosuke’s post on developer communities on Discord.

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🖼 Code and image sharing

Discord has modern editing tools out of the box. Being able to easily share code and images (without hitting a character limit) is boost for developer collaboration.

🔒 A privacy-minded network

With the Discord platform, all that’s needed is a screen name and an email address to start talking directly with Stripe engineers and engaging with fellow community members.

We want the community server to become the new go-to place for getting answers directly from Stripe engineers, plus we’re eager to try out some of Discord’s features like Stage Channels and Voice channels. Additionally, the server is a great place to keep up to date with Stripe Developers on YouTube and tweets from @StripeDev in the social channels. Lastly, you can tune into the announcements channel to be kept up-to-date on any big developer changes and updates.

Join the conversation

We’re excited for the future of the Stripe developer community server and would love for you to join us: If you’re interested in helping us shape the community, comment below on which are your favorite Discord servers and what makes them great.

Chat soon!

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