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StripeDev Live - RedwoodJS

What you'll learn

In this StripeDev Live recording I was joined by RedwoodJS core team members Christine van der Merwe and Dominic Saadi. We talked about what Redwood is, why you should pay attention and what the future holds for the framework. If you don't come away with even a little bit of hype, I'll eat my hat.

Who this video is for

If you have a passing interest in RedwoodJS, or just want to learn what the fuss is about, then this is for you!

Table of contents

00:00 Introduction
02:15 Redwood background
07:00 What differentiates Redwood
08:29 Why Redwood is opinionated
13:40 Customization and swapping components out
16:43 Yarn 3
17:21 Customizing the data layer
18:33 Building an example store with Redwood
20:50 Configuring Redwood
28:00 What opinions should go into Redwood?
29:21 Typescript
31:16 What's next for Redwood
36:48 Redwood and accessibility
38:08 v2 release date
40:04 Redwood startup fund
41:56 Redwood startup club
43:18 Redwood for enterprises
45:04 Conclusion


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