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Sergio Turpín
Sergio Turpín

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Hello devs!

Hello!! 👋 My name is Sergio Turpín and I'm from Cieza, Murcia (Spain).

I'm very happy to be part of this community where we can gained substancial experience for the high level of IT resources 😉

I take this opportunity to share my renewed portfolio Sergio Turpín developed with GatsbyJS where I talk about my jobs and free time activities.

Based on computing I work at platform for citizen participation of my city council. I try to improve my skills with Ruby on Rails, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio and another artefacts 😅

I hope to share many coffees ☕ with you 😜

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Thomas Bnt

Hello and welcome to Community ! 👋🏼😉
You can say hi to the Welcome Thread, introduce yourself and talk what you're learning !

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Sergio Turpín Author

Thank you!! Done. 🤗

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