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Jelly Fin: Contributor Update 9-12-2018

Hey Jellies!

I've been getting a lot of interest from people that want to help out with the project and it's been more than interesting getting the whole shebang organized. So, I'm going to start drafting up some form of a newsletter to organize our efforts and answer any questions you have.

Current Needs

We're starting fresh so while the app may seem well-along, there's a lot to do with design of features, laying out a build process, writing tests, and documentation.

Let's break it down further.

1. Feature Design

We have several Github Issues that really just need some opinions on how the feature should be executed. You may not be doing the work, but you can help come up with good designs.

2. Build Process

This is important. We're just getting past the "Hello World" phase and need to have a solid build process. It should be stupid simple to write code and have it tested. This means getting scripts to help developer setup, build the app and test it to ensure stability going forward.

3. Writing Tests

Your app is only as strong as the tests you write for it. We will take this one test at a time. If you're new to writing tests, just ask. We will help you!

4. Documentation

Documentation is IMPORTANT. I would love for someone to make sure all of our documenation is sound. How hard is it to setup the app? Is the instruction clear? Does the reader have everything they need to get to a point of contribution?

Even if you don't submit a line of code, you can help us get the message out there clearly.

What's going on with the app right now?

Right now we're waiting on #21 to be resolved since it alters our workflow dramatically. After that gets closed, everyone should be able to load the app locally and get the Hello World.

In the meantime, there's a TON of work that needs to be done with design. I have some initial wireframes that I need to iron out, but we're not there yet so it hasn't been a priority.

That's all for now, keep following us on Discord, Github, and #jellyfin

Thanks for all your hard work!
Jonathan Irvin

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