Today I learned: how to generate music with Sonic Pi!

Fen Slattery on October 03, 2018

Sonic Pi is a live-coding music program that uses Ruby to generate synth music. Ever since I learned about Algorave earlier this year, I've been ... [Read Full]
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Sonic Pi is one of the coolest things. I wish I had any musical talent. 😳


Sonic Pi made it so much more easier for music programming. Languages like Csound and supercollider are really good. But have a big learning curve. Sonic Pi is a very fun, great to help people understand programming basics as well.


I made this site so people can collaboratively code sonic-pi online


omg this is amazing! i was JUST wondering if i knew enough ruby to help me make music :)


I can't miss experimenting with this. Thanks for pointing out!


This is awesome! The track reminds me a lot of the song that Aphex Twin remixed for Nine Inch Nails - Further Down The Spiral


Hey, i made this dsl/language inspired in sonic pi and tidal cycles: It works on the browser, so you don't have to install supercollider or anything to start using it

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