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My first ever completed blog post

sudeshanaar profile image Pradeepal Sudeshana ・1 min read

Alright, here it is, My first ever completed blog post, After collecting (bookmarking) several articles about "How to stop procrastinating", "How to start blogging" and "How to Improve Your English" I'm going to write this and hit 'Publish' button below as an effort to answer the above three questions.

But this is and it has to be somewhat technical. So I will write about how I change the password of web account using a passphrase.

First I created a phrase of several words (It is not a common phrase), and this time it has words from both my mother language and English (a quick google search verify that my mother language is not among first 50 of Top languages by population).

Second capitalized some characters.

Third replaced some parts of the words with spacial characters and numbers.

That's it now I have a strong password with more than 10 characters.
And eventually my first completed blog post.


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