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Discussion on: Let's face it, we have a broken technical interview process in our industry

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Sudharaka Palamakumbura

@deepu105 : Nice article. I could relate to this very well unfortunately. Sometimes like 4 or 5 interviews or even more each of which is around 1 and a half hours long and all of them live coding of some sort. I am thinking part of the reason for this kinda of interview process in the industry is that it gives a process; a deterministic mechanism whereby given 200+ applicants you could choose the one (or maybe few) and probably works well and quickly compared to other methods (such as take home).

Also I feel I am spending more time on interview preparation (reading books like "Cracking the Coding Interview") rather than actual coding which is sad. Imagine if it's 5 interviews with the same company I do this preparation 5 times; it's anxiety before interview; at the interview and also after the interview if you know you are progressing to next round. Although having gone though this over and over again I feel I am getting used to them. However I also feel I have gotten better at "interviewing" rather than "coding" which is sad 😄

I don't hate this kinda interviews but I wish it would change to something better in the future but for now it is what it is I guess. 😄

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Deepu K Sasidharan Author

Yes exactly developers are being evaluated for anything other than development skills