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HTML vs CSS vs JS - Differences✍

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👉 HyperText Markup Language (HTML), determines how documents and web pages are displayed in a web browser, the language for the building blocks of any website.
⭐ HTML controls the layout of the content.
⭐ It provides structure for the web page design.
⭐ And it's a building block of any web pages.
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👉 Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), it determines how a document created in HTML is styled. For Example - colors, fonts, grid, flexbox, layout and responsive features.
⭐ Applies style to the web page elements.
⭐ It varies screen sizes to make web pages more responsive.
⭐ Overall, CSS handles the look and feel of a web pages.
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👉 JavaScript(JS), allows you to change both HTML and CSS elements on our website after the site has been loaded, which gives you the ability to make your site more interactive and engaging for users.
⭐ JS adds more interactivity to our web page.
⭐ It handles complexity of functions i.e. how our web page responds while using.
⭐ User friendly for our clients.

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