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What is AWS Lambda?

When someone says they're going serverless by AWS, they're probably using AWS Lambda services.

AWS Lambda

  • AWS Lambda basically operates function as a service model i.e.., You as a developer only need to provide a function - the code to be executed whenever AWS Lambda runs - this is what serverless means.

AWS Function Lambda can run up to 15 minutes, in case if the function written by you takes only 5-10 seconds of time to execute, you will be paying only for the execution or the compute time it takes to run.

It lets you run the code without provisioning or managing servers (Remember we need to pay only for the compute time we consume)

Concerned about pricing?

  • Although, we might not start directly by paying AWS. AWS free tier offers 400,000 GB per month and up to 1 Million free requests.

(You can more read about pricing in the link given at the end of the article)

What after creating a function?

  • Once you create a function, this function can be triggered by various resources such as, uploading data to S3, using it under an API Gateway which is a HTTP request and few more...

Which programming languages support Lambda?

  • Lambda supports various programming languages such as Node, Java, Go, Python, .Net Core. And there are different versions support for the same programming languages as mentioned. language-support

How can you create a function?

  • You can create a function in many ways...
  • We can create,edit the code in the inline editor provided by AWS (Select the programming language :) )
  • We can upload a .ZIP file which includes all the dependencies
  • Upload from AWS S3 function

Official AWS links to know more in detail :)

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