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Today I learned - Day 13 (25 SEP 2021, Sat)


I'm posting my personal journey of participating in a boot camp and of becoming a developer. So it might not contain useful information at the moment. But hopefully, after four months, I will post things that are encouraging to aspiring developers, with current posts as evidence of how much I have grown since the beginning.

Hours put-in today: 7h 39mins clocked.

What I did/learned:

  • Read the FLASK documentation to have a better understanding of FLASK. It really helped me understand FLASK a lot. For anyone who just went through a video tutorial of FLASK, I recommend reading the documentation.

  • Studied about the HTTP request methods. Beforehand, I thought "get" and "post" methods were a part of ajax. I now know that it's one of the HTTP request methods, and Jquery.ajax() is a part of Jquery library that performs "an asynchronous HTTP (Ajax) request."

  • built some web app with GET and POST APIs (followed a tutorial, but I only referred to it only when I needed help).

  • followed a tutorial of making a web app that shows uploaded images users upload from their local environment.
    Description: client side(upload files) -> server side -> MongoDB -> server side -> client side.

Learned of:

  • Template literals. ${}. For a few days, I thought ${} was part of jqeury. So I searched hours trying to find out the difference between $() and ${}. I now know that the former is jquery, and the latter is ES6 JS.
  • The concepts of client-side rendering and server-side rendering.

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