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Nevertheless, Suni* Coded

I began coding because...

I love making things and getting my ideas working through code is so gratifying!

I started coding on my dad's Pentium i486, making BASIC programs for my high school computer class, continued learning about HTML development (View Source is still so handy) as I went along, learnt Windows32 Programming to develop EAsyInfo 2.0, a diagnostics tool for Electronic Arts and continued as a professional web developer at Microsoft. Along the way, I've worked on Games Explorer for the Windows OS ecosystem, contributed to Bing UX, and developed my own game, StarSmasher*, available for free on Apple, Google and Amazon App Stores.

Right now, I run an indie game studio, Laughing Buddha Games, that showcases the best HTML5 indie games in the world, that anyone can play any time, any place, anywhere! We partner with nonprofits to profit share our advertising revenues, to do good while gaming, with our awesome community of rockstar gamers.

I'm currently hacking on...

An AR/VR adaptive learning game for kids \o/

I'm excited about...

What I'm learning and the people I meet: it seems like there are more inclusive opportunities for women these days and I'm honored to participate and contribute, however I can.

My advice for other women who code is...

Go for it: you have nothing to fear but fear itself, as the saying goes! There are many opportunities to reach out and look for like-minded souls: Be bold, be fearless and remember, there are no failures, only opportunities to learn and become better! :)

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