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Choose a CMS (Content Management System)

Hey folks,

Need some recommendation around good CMS options.


One of my clients (based in India) is looking out for a full-fledged CMS Solution similar to AEM or DotCMS. They already have django-cms as their CMS solution but it is not as good as it seems. It has very basic CMS capabilites but to incorporate anything new requires a lot of coding and python expertise. Anything new means integrate a new plugin and a lot of plugins are outdated.

For example, they needed headless support (which many CMS support) but in django-cms; the plugin for the same is not maintained. I also asked a question for the same on stackoverflow but got no positive response (link to question).

Now, my client is re-thinking the options and here is I need help from you all.


Looking out for CMS which supports feature like:

  • Multi-tenant/Multi-site support
  • Granular Permissions for sections/pages/documents
  • Article Versioning
  • Backup and Restore
  • Google SSO Integration
  • Multi language support
  • Multi environment support (testing/production)
  • Analytics, etc.

And can be quickly used to onboard multiple tenants/sites with zero or limited developer support.

They are fine with both Paid or Open source versions. We are exploring AEM, dotcms, sitefinity, wagtail etc but recommendation from you folks will really help us finalizing one. We also looked at wordpress, joomla but felt they have more security concerns and hence dropped off those.

Any secure, reliable CMS recommendations will really help. Or if any of your companies is currently using CMS Solution, feedback on the same will be highly appreciated.


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