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Hacky Friday Stuff #31.07.2020

Links about web development, product engineering, tools and services from all over the internet.

The State of Ruby 3 Typing
One of the long-stated goals for Ruby 3 has been to add type checking tooling. After much discussion between Matz and the Ruby committer team, they decided to take the incremental step of adding a foundational type signature language called “RBS,” which will ship with Ruby 3 along with signatures for the stdlib. RBS command line tooling will also ship with Ruby 3, so you can generate signatures for your own Ruby code.

GitHub Actions: Manual triggers with workflow_dispatch
You can now create workflows that are manually triggered with the new workflow_dispatch event. You will then see a ‘Run workflow’ button on the Actions tab, enabling you to easily trigger a run. You can choose which branch the workflow is run on.

The State Of Pixel Perfection
When was the last time you heard the term “Pixel Perfection”? Depending on who you work with, the last time could range from today or years ago. Pixel perfection is a term coined by designers and clients as they request that their design mockups must reflect the design and be an exact copy of it. In this article, the author compares the old scene of the web, and the new one. This comparison will give you an idea about what has changed over the years, and why we need to think far away from the pixel perfection thing.

Articles, tutorials

The quest for a better hiring process
In this article, you'll see a list of the various engineering hiring techniques and described the one used at Tanker, and why it works best for them.

Angular struggles in 2020
An opinionated deep look on a current state of the Angular community that points out issues that might be indicators of the soon sunset era for this framework.

An Introduction To Stimulus.js
In this article, Mike Rogers will introduce you to Stimulus, a modest JavaScript framework that compliments your existing HTML. By the end, you’ll have an understanding of the premise of Stimulus and why it’s a useful tool to have in your backpack.

Introducing the Streaming Data Connectors Beta: Capture Heroku Postgres Changes in Apache Kafka on Heroku
Heroku announcing a beta release of their new streaming data connector between Heroku Postgres and Apache Kafka on Heroku. Heroku runs millions of Postgres services and tens of thousands of Apache Kafka services, and they increasingly see developers choosing to start with Apache Kafka as the foundation of their data architecture. But for those who are Postgres-first, it is challenging to adopt without a full app rewrite. Developers want a seamless integration between the two services, and they delivered it recently, at no additional charge, for Heroku Private Spaces and Shield Spaces customers.

Be cautious with Ruby coercion methods
In this article, you’ll take a look at the built-in coercion methods, various caveats that come with their usage, and ways how you can handle coercion in a more predictable and strict way.

Mastering Roda
A free e-book by Federico M. Iachetti written in collaboration with Avdi Grimm. This book is completely driven by examples using a minimalistic routing tree framework Roda created by Jeremy Evans. Every concept introduced is described by providing a problem or situation to solve.

Gems, services

Crystalball is a Ruby library that implements the Regression Test Selection mechanism originally published by Aaron Patterson. Its main purpose is to select a minimal subset of your test suite which should be run to ensure your changes didn't break anything.

TTY::Prompt provides independent prompt component for TTY toolkit.

Visly. Build React components visually
Rapidly design and build production-ready components with Visly, the design tool built for developers.


Hanami 2.0 application template - pt. 2
Piotr Solnica explores Tim Rilies Hanami 2.0 application template - part 2, how component loading works and writing a simple spec.


Ruby Rogues | RR 465: WebAuthn in Ruby with Gonzalo Rodriguez and Braulio Martinez
As the world becomes more security conscious, we need to think about the ways we allow people to authenticate to our applications. WebAuthn is a standard that allows you to accept biometric, device based, and other types of authentication as a second or first factor. Gonzalo and Braulio have published a gem that allows you to add webauthn to your Ruby applications and have joined the Rogues to talk through the implications of using it in your applications.

Photo by Martin W. Kirst on Unsplash.

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