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Supabase for Supabase

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Quick Demo! Two months of building.

Now in Supabase:

  • Set up Postgres in less than 2 minutes
  • Auto-generated APIs! (they are a bit flaky, go easy)
  • Query your database directly from the dashboard
  • Analyze your queries and make them faster 🚀

Important Notes

1/ Supabase is NOT production ready. Have a play around and let us know what you think. We don't track ANYTHING (although we do store your github name and email). We'd like to keep it that way, so we rely on your direct feedback to steer our product roadmap.

2/ We are free to use while we're in alpha thanks to the generosity of Digital Ocean's startup program. But the funds aren't unlimited - please shut down the database when you're done 🙏.

3/ The database takes about 2 minutes to build. It's worth it, we promise. If you've ever wanted use Postgres, we're the easiest in the market.

Follow for updates

At Supabase, we're building some amazing tools that make Postgres as easy to use as Firebase. Some of the things we're working on:

Simple interface

Why are database interfaces so hard to use? The Supabase team has built products for 70-year-olds, so we're confident we can make something easier for developers:


Send realtime database changes to other systems, like queues or webhooks (Slack notifications!):

And more

  • ⚡ Realtime listeners! Subscribe to your database just like you would with Firebase.
  • 🤖 Instant RESTful APIs that update when you update your schema. Supabase introspects your schema and updates your API and documentation.
  • 📓 Auto-documentation for your APIs and Postgres schema. What's better than documentation? Documentation that you don't have to manually keep up to date.

We'll announce all our future features with more freebies here on DEV first. Follow us so that you don't miss out.


And make sure to star us on github!

Note: this was originally "One month of building", but I'm going to round up to 2 months. We started Supabase in January, and the work on the platform started mid-March.

Top comments (2)

rizkyrajitha profile image
Rajitha Gunathilake

good work
looking forward to use supabase

trainingmontage profile image
Jeff Caldwell

So glad to see an easy to use firebase alternative.