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JAVA: OOP in brief

Q1: what do you mean by OOP concept?
Q2: List of OOP Features?
Q3: Why use OOP concepts or advantages of OOP?
Q4: Disadvantages of OOP?
Q5: Difference between Procedural and OOP programming?

NOTE: For detailed information on OOP feature click on one you wish to explore

1. what do you mean by OOP concept:-

1.1 stands for Object-Oriented Programming.
1.2 OOP is a methodology or paradigm to design a program using classes and objects.
1.3 OOP simplifies software development and maintenance by providing a few concepts such as:

Alt Text

2. List of OOP Features:-

2.1 class: a collection of object & logical entity, eg. bike
2.2 object: a real-life entity that has state & behaviour of its own, eg. colour
2.3 Inheritance: acquiring properties and behaviour from another class, eg. father and son
2.4 Polymorphism: one task in different ways, speak can be as meow and for the dog, it can be woof.
2.5 Abstraction: hiding internal details and showing functionality, eg. ATM machine
2.6 Encapsulation: binding/ wrapping code & data together into a single unit, eg. capsule containing different medicines

3. Why use OOP concepts or advantages of OOP:-

3.1 faster
3.2 Simple and provide a clear understanding and structure of code
3.3 reusability - able to reuse content and behaviour of the existing class in a new class.
3.4 code optimisation
3.5 Modifiability i.e. easy to update
3.6 Secure because of data hiding concept
3.7 easy to upgrade from small to large system
3.8 we cn eliminate redundant code and extend the use of existing classes
3.9 possible to have multiple objects
3.10 easy to partition the work in a project based on objects
3.11 provide message passing technique for communication between objects

4. Disadvantages of OOP:-

4.1 require more memory to increase speed
4.2 larger program size
4.3 not suitable for all type of programs

5. Difference between OOP programming & Procedural oriented language:-

OOPs makes development and maintenance easier i.e. if code grows it's easy to manage it

POL is not easy to manage

OOP provide data hiding

in procedure-oriented programming global data can be accessed from anywhereAlt Text

OOP follows the bottom-up approach

POL follows the top-down approach

OOP have many access specifiers such as public, private, protected etc

POL does not have any

updation in OOP based program is easy

updation in POL based program is difficult

because of data hiding, OOP is secure

POL doesn't have any proper way of data hiding, thus it is less secure

in OOP data is more important

in POL functions are more important

OOP is mainly used to solve real-world problems

POL is mainly used for unreal issues

Alt Text

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This was very helpful! I am bookmarking this to look during my exams, am very bad in definitions 😅

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Supriya Kolhe

Thank you much sir. Please keep on checking my posts for more content.

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Jaafar Melhem

Great article

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Supriya Kolhe

Thank you much sir. Feedbacks and Suggestions are always welcome.