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Getting my hands dirty with coding !!!

Hi ✨developers ✨, I am 👤 Suraez aka Suraj from Nepal. I am a CS student and passionate about coding and programming.I joined DEV 'cause when it came to learning something, there were always articles written by some DEV people with a thorough explanation.So I would also like to share my learnings and learn from other DEV people at the same time.
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I participated in the Hacktoberfest challenge this year (#hacktoberfest2020). Apparently, this open source competition has been around for more than 5 or 6 years.Had I known about this competition before, I would have participated every year.So, I look forward to get notified about such events or competition through DEV.
Since, I am from Nepal. I doubted if I could participate in this hacktoberfest challenge but DigitalOcean, Intel and DEV made it all easy.Kudos to DigitalOcean, Intel and DEV for giving a platform for students like us to leave a mark on the world.

Here are the 4 PRs that counted for Hacktoberfest2020 challenge:

Since, this challenge #hacktoberfest2020 literally made me see how can I contribute to this huge, gigantic open source community,I am gonna contribute as much as I can. As of now, I intend to participate in Google Summer Of Code. (GSoC).
Thanks for reading my post. ✍

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