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Why Most Developers Prefer The Dark Theme IDE?

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According to a survey, 70% of software engineers prefer a Dark theme IDE over the light theme. You will always a lot of dark theme in the popular theme section of any IDE. So why? Developers love the dark theme. So here I am going to list some reasons why I like the Dark theme.

1. Soothing to Eye

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As obvious a dark theme helps us to focus on the screen without having irritation in our eyes. The dark theme doesn't make we go dry as compared to the white theme. During the low light situation, Dark theme is the most preferred theme.

2. More Concentration

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Human eyes easily find something brighter in dark surround, it comes from our ancestor. So Dark Background helps us to see the font colour clearly in the editor. Also, the different colour for the different element is easily recognizable in the dark theme. It makes code easily readable because of contrast.

3. Save Energy

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This point doesn't sound like an obvious reason but a dark theme help to save energy. It might be not a lot of energy but still, if you are working on the laptop for a long session it can be helpful. Also if most people use dark theme it will result in a large quantity of energy being saved.

I would love to know your reason to use a dark theme. You can tell your favourite dark theme also. Thank You guys for reading this blog post.

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Learning and helping other people to understand technology👨‍💻


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Light attracts bugs. We don't like bugs, right?


It's not bugs, it's features!


Nice one bro 🤣🤣


Amen 😂😂


You are everywhere....man

Haha I try my best 😂😂

Yep :D

Btw, how is WickedTemplates going?

I am reworking it. Just sold 1 bog package n a single template.

I am going to upgrade it. How is your react life?

Very cool :)

Currently I'm learning more about REST APIs, Firebase Auth, and creating some small projects to put on my Github.

Superb. Sounds really fun and interesting.




I've never fallen for dark mode but this make me consider a switch =)


Yep, you should give a try ♥️

Oh, I've tried it several times. If coding at night I think it's ok but for daily programming I find it makes the other screens appears so bright. I rather have a light mode with low brightness on the screen.

Yep, adjusting according to light is good practice.


This is great 😂


We can't afford to have bug in our house😂😂😂


better contrast, easier for the eyes 😉


I saw an article that says the opposite.
Let me find it



However, most studies have shown that dark characters on a light background are superior to light characters on a dark background (when the refresh rate is fairly high). For example, Bauer and Cavonius (1980) found that participants were 26% more accurate in reading text when they read it with dark characters on a light background.

People with astigmatism (approximately 50% of the population) find it harder to read white text on black than black text on white. Part of this has to do with light levels: with a bright display (white background) the iris closes a bit more, decreasing the effect of the "deformed" lens; with a dark display (black background) the iris opens to receive more light and the deformation of the lens creates a much fuzzier focus at the eye.

Might be it's hard for white colour but other colours on black are easily readable. On white, we have a lot of trouble to read bright colour while on black we can easily read the bright colour without any trouble. IDE is made of multiple colours with each element is different, so dark is very suitable is such a situation.

Depends on color palette. I can't agree that colored code is any less readable on white if the right shades that is dark enough is chosen.

You can also chose shades that are hard to read on black.

Not that this is in any way scientific but:
#ffe0ff on #fff - I can still read
#002000 on #000 - can't read at all, can't tell which color it is

Yep Bro, Everything at last comes to personal preferences and yes there are colours which you can't read clearly on dark but same goes for white theme IDE too.

My astigmatic eyes approves this.


I used to use dark mode on everything cause my eyes hurt when using light mode, but lately I got fatigue really easily and changed my dark mode behavior to light mode, now I can code longer without hurting my eyes, weird huh.

Same here bro, I am using dark mode on almost all my devices.


Turns out that it depends.
You should try it and see if you can keep the same reading speed and how fast your eyes get tired.

While dark theme looks kinda Pro then it doesn't change code quality.
Think about what is good for you :)

Yeah, it comes down to individual preference anyways 😉

Yesss, it's always a personal preference.


Yes that's why I love dark theme


I'm using dark theme everywhere not only in code IDE, because after over 30 years of computer use, I found dark screen so much pleasant for my eyes. I don't agree that light is smooth because I feel so much light from screen to my eyes in that way.


I have the problems with light to my eyes but, I have not noticed it reduced with dark mode


Yess, Dark Theme helps eye.


I also started to maximize the use of dark theme whenever I am looking at the screen.


Thats good for your eyes


I use Light-Theme on daytime because it's easier for the eyes in a bright environment and keeps the focus.
And on nighttime it switches to dark-mode by using a VSCode extension.
You can set when exactly it should switch and it can calculate when the sun goes down in your region. You can also add or subtract e.g. 30min from that time.


I used light themes for years. Then I suddenly switched to dark ones, because all my colleagues where using them. I found out a better experience, but when the sun shines in the room I think the light themes will perform better.


Yes, light play important role in choosing theme in low light dark themes are best and bright light light themes are best.


I didn't really like dark themes ... I always used the light "normal" theme or modified it to be more grayish.
Then, most of the development tools went the dark mode route by default and I felt it was too much trouble to change all of them so I stuck with it.
Now, I finally understand it was better all along and it was just that I was not used to it. I should have forced myself to use it years ago.


I hope now you Can adapt to dark theme era.


I like it now and I think I was wrong to be so reluctant before :D


I've read a lot about this subject over the years and all the so-called "experts" say the exact opposite, but they also say to lessen the contrast to be softer on the eyes, for example a background of 0xEFEFEF and 0x0F0F0F text color...

I personally get massive headaches from light screens, but not other brighter lights except for the sun so I can't do without a dark theme.


Personal preference is the most important. If anyone is comfortable with dark go with dark or comfortable with white goes with white.


I first thought dark theme is this gamer kiddy thing to look more like RGB style but in the end when you sit in front of your screen for 8+ hours multiple days dark theme was way easier on my eyes and I stayed with it.


I also started using dark theme across all my devices to save my eyes.


I would like the dark theme, but I have to switch between the dark IDE and the light background websites and that ruins my eyes. The solution would be to switch the desktop to completely dark mode (via xfce4-night-mode, customized .vimrc to toggle background at night, etc.) and also view the websites in night mode, but I think that would be more work than advantage.

I’ve tried to switch to dark mode several times because I want to try it, but I’ve never been really successful. What technical solutions are there?


I use an extension called Dark Mode in my chrome website to toggle between dark and light mode. You can give a try.


Soothing to the eye... that depends. A light background can be just as good. Spacemacs e.g. has a very nice light theme. I tend to use the light one during the day, and switch to the dark one in the evening.

No idea where you got that "more concentration" thing for, source please?

The energy saving point is a myth, unless you have an OLED screen, and even then the only way it saves energy is if you have the background set to completely black. And hardly any dark theme does that.

So, yea...


You have a point bro.


Definitely easier on the eyes. I typically use blue-light blocking glasses when I'm working, but I love how relaxing dark themes are as opposed to being blasted with bright colors.


Yep, dark theme are blessings for our eyes.


Because eclipse leaves lifelong traumas...


We hate light theme


I used light Theme 😂


That's something surprising bit yesss it personal choice




If you have a bad display, light theme might be better. Because bad displays cant do both good dark and light contrast at the same time.


Fun fact: it actually takes more energy to display a dark image than a white image on LCD monitors.


OLED in screen can save energy


Probably won't save much energy unless you're running an OLED display


Yes, good point bro


Don't forget the bugs!


Easier on my eyeballs.


Number 1 reason, looks cool and makes all us devs look like hardcore hackers to the outside world. Let’s be honest here haha


Yep most of Dev do this and I am one of them 🤣🤣🤣🤣


I am programming in the sunglasses.


I changed because everyone else was in dark mode, I have no preference


But dark theme is goooooood.


-Helps to concentrate on the texts.
-Helps to reduce strain on eyes
-Can work continuously for more number of hours.
-hence productivity increases.
-But there's always a toll on health in any case.


Good point bro ♥️


My eyeballs feel comfortable with a dark theme, especially mix with an orange-yellowish desk lamp behind the screen... Romantic coding.


You get into feel while coding 😂😂. nice bro


Dark theme : Good for the eyes though ,
And the developers possibly do not want to get their vision or as you say 'eyesight' affected.


Yes, a person already having weak eyesight is highly recommended to use dark theme during the low light scenario.


I once hear the theory, that it is because of our ancestors. hunting in the dark, scanning the surroundings.

maybe searching for bugs


Yes, bro I also heard something on quora regarding this theory.


As someone with a visual disability, Dark Theme is the only confortable way for me to read on a screen. On light mode i always have to squint and doing it 7 hours a day is very painfull


Same goes for me. I cant stare at light theme IDE for longer time.


Especially for me dark themes are better because I have an Eye Disease. And I guess when you code in the evening it's also better for every eye 🤣


Yep in low lighting situations dark theme are best


The Dark theme overwhelms me...


We love dark theme


You feel like a badass hacker!

But really I always do it to prevent eye strain, sitting sometimes 8/9 hours+ infront of a white screen cant be good for you


Yes, we want to look like to hacker or something like in movies. #hackerman


Dark theme for the same reason I don’t stare at light bulbs.