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Rules for good developer

While working as Software developer in one the startup company this rules was shared my by fellow Senior developer while explaining the rules for becoming good developer may be it can help you to grow career in software field :)


  • Ask more,
  • Facing problem? Find your solution, if you solution don't work then ask,
  • Quality code
  • if you don't know the solution then don't complain, you see a bug? Don't throw someone who wrote that code. You fix it, you find a solution then complain.
  • Do you need anything that is stopping you from working? Demand it.
  • I(Senior Developer) did not response? Keep asking.
  • You need a solution or response show up in call, start a meeting.
  • Time don't work for us? Okay, give up your Friday afternoon, Saturday afternoon pull me(Senior Developer) in call then talk.

Again hope it helps.

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