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Cyber Security

I have just completed a course on cybersecurity, it was for a beginner but, there were many things I learned that enhance our vulnerability and we do those things on daily basis without knowing that it could lead to big problems in future and I learned many new things as we can check whether our emails are attacked or not on this site and I came to know about shodan it is like google a search engine but it is very powerful.

I also came to know about a website which can help us find the right anti-virus
suitable for us .

One more website that I came to know about is
and it helps to check the security of your browser.

there were also tips related to spam emails and we should check the links are genuine or not by moving the cursor on the link it shows the real link
and use of a VPN is also a must as it hides your IP address which enhances your security.

I know many of this we already knew these things but we ignore this in real-time
so my intention was to share my knowledge and make people more alert.

Any feedback will be a blessing to me.

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what is the course name and link?