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This is the reason why I prefer having a mentor over buying expensive courses!

This may sound cliché to you but I'm sure many of us have experienced the same thing. I myself just got a job as a front end and 3d programmer at a startup. This startup only has 4 employees including me. The other employees already have 5-10 years of experience, only me as a fresh graduate. In my journey as a junior I encountered many obstacles. Lately the problem is that I have to face to face with a CEO who is very critical and has a lot of requests. it makes a burden for me. The way I solve this problem is to tell my abilities indirectly. I think it's normal to feel unsure of your own abilities because you don't have experience. At that point, I felt very deprived and didn't know where to turn for help.

The other 2 programmers are very reliable backend programmers. They are very confident in what they are doing. here I am like Joma Tech and they are the subscribers. But they couldn't help me much because they were also busy with their own work. Again I feel more and more pressure because accompanying those who are already very senior. One thing I believed in at the time was that I had to improve.

But everything changed when a senior front end with 4 years of experience came. He is very good at logic and has a solid knowledge of the fundamentals. This is where I aspire to be like him. I started learning to imitate his coding style and the way he solves problems. One thing I admire about him is that he is willing to teach other people. That makes me even more determined to say there is no need to buy expensive courses as long as you have seniors who can teach you many things. If I have money, I'd rather treat my senior than having to buy a new course!.

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