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Create next level GitHub ReadmeĀ profile

šŸ‘‹ Hello world!!..

  • Here I'm going to tell you how to create next level GitHub Readme profile.
  • You can make your GitHub profile much more attractive by making GitHub readme profile. Alt Text if you want you can checkout mine.
  • You can easily create your own GitHub readme profile.
  • There are two methods in which you can create your readme profile.
  • In first method, I'll show you, how to create the readme profile by your own in step by step manner.
  • In second method, your not going to create in step by step manner, it is the easiest way but though I'll recommend you to Follow First method, because if you wanna edit something you can easily edit if you follow first method.

First method:

Step 1: Create a new repository with your username. Make sure that your username and the repository names are same.
Alt Text

After entering your username you Can see likeĀ this

Click on "Add a README file" to create a readme file and create repository.

Step 2: After creating repository, open file and click on edit. you can Uncomment the text which is commented or you can even add Information in your own way.
Alt Text

  • If you want to add Icons to your Readme profile then, In GitHub search for the icon which you want and right click on the icon, copy the image address and paste it in the Readme file. Alt Text
  • If you want to add Badges/shields then go to search the name of the badge you want and after entering the details about the badge you will get the link of that badge, add that link to the Readme file. Alt Text
  • If you want to add GitHub Readme Status then,
![Sushmitha's github stats](
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Copy-paste this into your Readme file, and
Change theĀ ?username= value to your GitHub's username.
For more details and more themes of the GitHub Readme Status refer this GitHub page anuraghazra.

Second method:

By using this method you can easily create your Readme profile.

  • The only thing you need to do here is, go to GitHub Profile README Generator enter the details, after entering the details click on "Generate README". That will create a GitHub Readme profile for you.

That's all,

Thanks for reading!!.. šŸ˜Š

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